Intersection | Prospect Heights

Exposing change through individual stories. Take a new look at the present through experiences of the not-too-distant past.

Featured in Brooklyn Magazine

‘Before Brooklyn’s “Newest Neighborhood” Pacific Park Arrives, a Reflection on How Things Were’

Featured in Urban Omnibus

“Embedding Histories in a Changing Prospect Heights”

Power of Perception

Engaging youth and communities through media in collaboration with the Laundromat Project

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Collected media & publications

View media coverage of our approach and read our scholarship on everyday place, image, and creative collaborative pedagogy.

Buscada on CNN!

Watch this short video by CNN on Buscada’s Visual Urbanist practice and Layered SPURA project.

Working with People

Keywords for civic engagement –
a critical pedagogy & participatory media project

Layered SPURA / City Studio

Visual urbanism, engaged pedagogy & long-term community collaborations to make space for dialogue at a contested site

What we do

The Triangle Fire Open Archive

Using the digital humanities to create a collaborative online space to tell of the Triangle Fire’s importance today

Guided Tour

Unearthing crucial stories of everyday lives in urban neighborhoods through participatory photographic research

Guided Tour
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Creating Places for Dialogue

Using design and research, Buscada brings together organizations and communities to foster more just cities.

From strategic planning to exhibition design Buscada’s cultural and civic work creates unique environments for vital public dialogue.

Buscada is led by Kaushik Panchal and Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani. Partners in life and work, we thrive on collaboration.

Work with us
Interested in creative community collaboration? Learn what we make and who we are.

People are saying

The Intersection guidebooks are “little jewels that meld map and memoir.”
- Brooklyn Magazine

Buscada are "some of the most creative scholar/practitioners in the public humanities."
- Marci Reaven, New-York Historical Society

Latest News

Gabrielle becomes Postdoctoral Fellow at the International Center of Photography

In 2016, Gabrielle joined the International Center of Photography as the inaugural Postdoctoral Fellow in Visual Culture. There she curated two groundbreaking events, making new spaces for dialogue around what’s at stake at the intersection of community and visual culture. “Community” is a potent, yet overused word, meaning dramatically different things to different people. Similarly, it can […]

Latest News

Residency at Jameco Exchange & No Longer Empty

In the summer of 2016, Gabrielle was back to asking people for guided tours. This time in Jamaica, Queens, as part of her summer residency at No Longer Empty’s Jameco Exchange.  Asking passersby on the street in Jamaica, she asked people to step into her make-shift photo studio for a portrait and to answer the question, […]

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