Power of Perception

Engaging youth and communities through media in collaboration with the Laundromat Project

Power of Perception

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An app for mindfulness, to help you focus and balance your most precious asset, your time


Collected media & publications

View media coverage of our approach and read our scholarship on everyday place, image, and creative collaborative pedagogy.

Collected publications

Buscada on CNN!

Watch this short video by CNN on Buscada’s Visual Urbanist practice and Layered SPURA project.

Buscada on CNN

Working with People

Keywords for civic engagement -
a critical pedagogy & participatory media project


The America Project

A guide for civic engagement, critical pedagogy, and art practitioners, growing from the work of Sekou Sundiata

The America Project

Layered SPURA / City Studio

Visual urbanism, engaged pedagogy & long-term community collaborations to make space for dialogue at a contested site


Buscada Introduction

About Buscada

Triangle Fire Open Museum

Community-engaged public humanities – creating unique interventions in sites of significance around NYC


The Triangle Fire Open Archive

Using the digital humanities to create a collaborative online space to tell of the Triangle Fire’s importance today

Triangle Fire Open Archive

Hybrid Ways of Doing

Collaborative pedagogy hybridizing design and social science to understand public space

Hybrid working process

Urban Encounters Conference

Our annual symposium at the Tate Britain, creating space for visual urbanism and interdisciplinary conversation

Urban Encounters Conference

Making Housing Home

Participatory research and photo-texts on making home and self in affordable housing, in collaboration with WHEDCo

Making Housing Home

Changing Cities

An exhibition exploring histories of planning through the lens of MIT’s School of Architecture + Planning

Changing Cities Exhibition

Guided Tour

Unearthing crucial stories of everyday lives in urban neighborhoods through participatory photographic research

Guided Tour

Policy & Design for Housing

A major exhibition & website exploring histories, models and ideologies to learn from in today’s housing crisis

Policy & Design for Housing


Storytelling and portraits in New York City, asking strangers to imagine “Where would you take me on a guided tour?”


About Buscada

Place & Dialogue
Buscada creates projects that engender dialogue between communities, individuals and disciplines to explore critical questions of place and visual urbanism.

Our creative practice incorporates curation, design, research and photography to create surprising, multifaceted projects that often bridge the online and the physical world, as well as the expressive and the practical.

Our projects range from commissioned works to collaborations and independent pieces.

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