168 FAQ

What is 168?

168 is an app to help your understand how you are spend your most precious asset your time.
It give you a quick and simple way to track your time and a unique tool to analysis how you are spending your time each week.
Instead of focusing on just getting things done, 168 allows you to look at your week at any point and enables you to be more mindful about how you to balance your most precious asset, time.

How do I add an activity?

To add an activity, press in the field at the top of the activity view, type out your activity and chose the length of time and whether the activity is focused on tasks, health or creative work.

How do I edit an activity?

Just press on an activity in the focus view.

How do I delete an activity?

Swipe an activity off to the left.

What is downtime?

Downtime is the time not spent sleeping or doing activites.
For example you might track 10 hours of activites in one day.
Your average sleep time set to 7 hours.
24 hours day – (sleep time (7) + activity time (10)) = 7 hours of downtime.

How can I change my average sleep time?

Select the setting section from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. The average sleep time setting option is displayed on this screen.

How many activities can add in one day?

You can add up to 24 hours of activities


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