Can you find your magic number?

168 helps you balance how you spend your most precious asset, your time.

Each week we face a new set of challenges and some old ones. We have to focus and spend our time in the best ways we can for a given situation. But what if you knew the magic number of hours to spend each week to make you feel that life was moving in a positive direction?

That number might be just 30 minutes a day focused on a thing you really care about. But if you don’t know what your magic number is, it can be hard to know where to start to change your habits.

The 168 app gives you a unique view into how you balance the number of hours in your week and provides you with an insight into what your magic number might be.

Track your week with 168 for a week and at the end of that week look at the hours you spent. If you feel that the week went well and that you are generally happy about things then maybe you have discovered your balance and your magic numbers of creative, health and task hours. If you think things did not go so well then 168 will give you an insight into how you might want to shift your focus.

Knowing the right balance for your time can be a starting point to achieving the right balance for your life.

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168 paper is a print on demand book you can buy at Magcloud


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