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Introducing 168 paper

168 paper allows you to plan your days, track your time and make sense of your week in an easy-to-use notebook. Its pages let you track 2 weeks of time. 168 paper uses the core ideas of the 168 app in a new/old medium, paper. PLAN your day The daily plan pages let you list all the things you have done, or plan to do for each day. TRACK your time Understand not just what you did, but why. Identify the focus of each item on your list by using 168’s unique categories. Tasks: Keeping your life moving Health: Maintaining… Read more »

The right answer to the wrong question

168 helps you balance how you spend your most precious asset, your time. We live in a culture that is obsessed by measuring and quantifying time spent doing stuff. How long did you sleep last night, how long did you run for etc….But even having all this information at your finger tips does not make sense of what is really happening in your life. These kind of numbers are “what” numbers. They tell one half of the story: what you did in that time but not why you spent your time that way. The goal of 168 is to measure time… Read more »

Daily reflection

168 helps you balance how you spend your most precious asset, your time. ‘No hay camino, se hace camino al andar’ – ‘there is no road, the road is made by walking’ – Antonio Machado Looking at what you have done and helping you understand why you did it. That is the goal of 168. The focus colors of 168 create a map of your day, a path which shows the route you took and why. Seeing this abstracted map view of your day also lets you reflect on it in a different way. The very act of reflection can be a… Read more »

Making goals

It’s hard to make goals for yourself and even harder to track your time to see if you are achieving them. Often you might not even know what your goals are. 168 uses a unique way of thinking about your goals. Every time you enter an activity into 168, you are asked to pick the focus for that activity. “Creative” is one of the focus choices and it is used for activities that you think are focused on your long term goals. If you know what your long term goals are, then mark them creative; if you don’t, mark the… Read more »