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Introducing 168 paper

168 paper allows you to plan your days, track your time and make sense of your week in an easy-to-use notebook. Its pages let you track 2 weeks of time. 168 paper uses the core ideas of the 168 app in a new/old medium, paper. PLAN your day The daily plan pages let you list all the things you have done, or plan to do for each day. TRACK your time Understand not just what you did, but why. Identify the focus of each item on your list by using 168’s unique categories. Tasks: Keeping your life moving Health: Maintaining… Read more »

Welcome to 168

Today is the first day of publicly sharing a new Buscada project that we have been working on for a while. It is the first in a series of project ideas, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. The project is called 168 and it helps you balance how you spend your most precious asset, your time. It gives you a quick and simple way to track your time and a unique tool to analyze how you spend your time each week. It’s a thinking tool: it helps you look at what you did but also helps you question why you focused your… Read more »