Focus : The why not the what

168 helps you balance how you spend your most precious asset, your time.

Every time you enter an activity into 168, you are asked to identify its focus (Tasks, Creative or Health). The focus types are broad and open to your own interpretation of what happened and how your spent your time. You determine what falls into these focus types for your own life.
Identifying the focus of an activity lets you take a step back from what you did and ask why you spent the time in the way that you did. Seeing your whole week broken down by “focus”, rather that specific activities, allows you to see the patterns of your time and intention.

Creative : We all have long term goals
We often set long term goals for ourselves which we think will make our lives better or more fulfilled. Yet, once a goal is set, it is difficult to see how much time you are devoting to it. The creative focus in 168 sees “creative” work as that which forwards long-term goals, and helps give you a tangible sense at the end of the week of how much time you spent working toward your own fulfillment.

Tasks : Just one more thing to do
Each day can seem like an endless series of things to do : paying bills, doing laundry and picking the kids up from school… With its “tasks” focus, 168 gives you a sense of how much of your week is taken up with this work that is critical to keep your life moving along, allowing you to balance it against everything else you hope to do.

Health : Go for run or sit and meditate
There are many ways to maintain your health: you can exercise, eat more healthily or meditate and relax yourself. With the “health” focus 168 lets you see how much time you spend on maintaining your own physical and mental well being.

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