Making goals

It’s hard to make goals for yourself and even harder to track your time to see if you are achieving them. Often you might not even know what your goals are.

168 uses a unique way of thinking about your goals. Every time you enter an activity into 168, you are asked to pick the focus for that activity. “Creative” is one of the focus choices and it is used for activities that you think are focused on your long term goals.

If you know what your long term goals are, then mark them creative; if you don’t, mark the activities which make you feel like you’re accomplishing something you enjoy doing.

When you look back at your week in 168 you can see how much time you’ve spent but also the types of activities you marked as creative, which may be the starting point to helping you understand what your goals are.

The process of tracking and then reflecting provides the answer, without the overwhelming feeling of needing to know everything often associated with trying to set your goals.

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