The right answer to the wrong question

168 helps you balance how you spend your most precious asset, your time.

We live in a culture that is obsessed by measuring and quantifying time spent doing stuff. How long did you sleep last night, how long did you run for etc….But even having all this information at your finger tips does not make sense of what is really happening in your life.

These kind of numbers are “what” numbers. They tell one half of the story: what you did in that time but not why you spent your time that way.

The goal of 168 is to measure time to give you the other half of the story, the “why.” To help make sense of why you spent your time in the way that you did.

Answering the question “Why” gets at your motivations and goals, things that are hard to quantify.

Every time you enter an activity into the 168 app you have to ask yourself the question “Why?”: why did I spend that time in that particular way? The focus system asks you to associate a motivational focus to each activity recorded, as tasks, health or creative.

By the end of each week you will have a list of all the things that you did but more importantly you will be able to look at the balance of that time and see how you focused your time. This balance view gives you an insight into why you spent your time in the way that you did.

You can then ask yourself another important question: Did that feel like a good or a bad week?

If the answer is yes, you now have a good idea of what a satisfying balancing of your time looks like.
If the answer is no, you can think about focusing your time differently to change the balance and make the next week feel better.

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