Playing by your own rules

February 16th, 2011 by Kaushik1000 | 2 Comments

It is hard to win when you are playing by someone else’s rules or, worse still, do not entirely understand the rules. By redefining the “meaning” of your project you become an expert in the rules of the game, and one of the people defining those very rules.

The Meaning to Tasks model uses the idea of a “project meaning”.

It supports a practice for teams and individuals to create fundamentally new meanings for projects, products and services. By working in this way the meaning of everyday projects are changed, and projects created are differentiated from the rest of the market through innovatively integrated strategies, rather than solely through feature-level improvements.

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  • Very clear and concise. It’s an approach that makes sense. It’s sort of an articulation of the natural processes of the design mind, which are sometimes overly intuitive. A bit of structure can help you check your own work.

    In my mother’s third grade classes, they always start the year off by writing the rules the classroom will follow. Children seem to have an innate sense of fairness. When they create their own rules, they want to follow them. They understand the rules have purpose and behave more harmoniously than they otherwise would. Same is true for any project. It makes sense to define them up front.

    Thanks for this!