Buscada creates vital spaces for dialogue to foster more just cities
through art, strategy,
and research.

Next City interview

Watch Gabrielle & Kaushik talk about Buscada with Next City!


We help organizations hone their missions, align core values, support growth, engage communities and emerge with an actionable set of co-designed decision-making tools.


We use arts, design, and environmental psychology to create projects in neighborhoods that highlight hidden histories & spark public dialogue.

The book: Contested City

“Contested City: Art & Public History as Mediation at New York’s Seward Park Urban Renewal Area" by Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani
bridges art, design, activism, and urban history. (University of Iowa Press)

Arts Networks & Peer Learning

Strategic realignment work with FABnyc about how learning spaces and peer networks help sustain the arts through challenging times.

Imagined Geographies

An atlas from the minds of New Yorkers. If you could, where would you take me on a guided tour?