Where is Home on the Map? with the Laundromat Project

On Friday April 16th at 4:30pm ET join our friends at the Laundromat Project and Gabrielle for Radical Mapping: Where is Home on the Map? How have our experiences of our homes and local surroundings been impacted by forces like housing policy, gentrification, and redlining throughout history? Further: how can uncovering these histories lead us to shape positive social change … Read more

Buscada’s Next City webinar

Join us Wednesday April 14th at 1:30pm ET at our webinar with Next City, How Immersive Oral Histories Can Shape The Future of Neighborhoods. Gabrielle and Kaushik will be talking about how Buscada uses oral history and design to engage and collaborate with community members. We’ll talk about our work on the Lower East Side at SPURA, and in Brooklyn, to create valuable and … Read more

Launching Family List!

On the one-year anniversary of pandemic and remote learning (!) we’re excited to share the new endeavor our family has been working on this year to bring more play to you and the kids in your life. Each week, Family List shares six new practical, collaborative, free/low-cost activities that are fun for parents and kids! Exhausted by 24/7 parenting? Us too. We want to move beyond just surviving, … Read more

Contested City at the NYPL

Join us March 30th at 6pm EDT at the New York Public Library, Seward Park Branch (on zoom!) for Contested City: A Virtual Tour of New York’s Seward Park Urban Renewal Area. Gabrielle will be talking about Contested City and the fifty years of community activism at the controversial Seward Park Urban Renewal Area on New York’s Lower East Side, helping participants gain … Read more

Contested City reviewed in The Metropole

We’re honored by Barry Goldberg’s review of Contested City in The Metropole, in which he calls the book a model “to untangle the sticky legacies of urban renewal” and to “illustrate the complex definitions of “community” and the intangible meanings — cultural, psychological, and emotional — embedded in physical space.” Read on below for an excerpt of the … Read more

A busy October

October 2019 kicked off with Contested City at the International Center of Photography on Monday April 7, 6:30pm, in a talk at Abrons Art Center on Grand Street on the Lower East Side. Gabrielle was at Imagining America in Albuquerque on October 18, giving a workshop on participatory public history and creative practice and a virtual Layered SPURA tour. … Read more

Buscada at Winterhouse

Over the summer we were honored to participate in the Winterhouse Institute Symposium on Design Education for Social Impact at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. So many friends and colleagues, and yet another way to reconnect with the Watson Foundation, whose fellowship for Gabrielle in many ways made possible the creation of Buscada. Looking forward to continuing … Read more

Layered SPURA in 105 degrees

In the last days of our exhibition Keep Me Nearby, we held this summer’s final Layered SPURA tour, which happened to fall on the day that New York declared a heat advisory and half the city seemed to be closing down. Yet, we turned up to the gallery to find 20 passionate people ready to brave … Read more

Keep Me Nearby in Untapped Cities

Our exhibition Keep Me Nearby was featured in Untapped Cities in July 2019, and Untapped Cities Insiders hosted a Layered SPURA tour for an eager group on one July evening. Read on below for a snippet from the article. The constant evolution and renewal of New York City can often leave casualties in its wake, whether it’s the shuttering of … Read more

Contested City on WNYC

We were honored that in July 2019 WNYC radio’s All of It with Alison Stewart rebroadcast the interview that Alison did with Gabrielle about Contested City, with a new introduction featuring Keep Me Nearby. Listen to the segment here! REBROADCAST: Artist, curator, and visiting assistant professor at The New School, Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, joins us to discuss her book, Contested City: Art and Public History as … Read more