Launching Family List!

On the one-year anniversary of pandemic and remote learning (!) we’re excited to share the new endeavor our family has been working on this year to bring more play to you and the kids in your life. Each week, Family List shares six new practical, collaborative, free/low-cost activities that are fun for parents and kids!

Exhausted by 24/7 parenting? Us too. We want to move beyond just surviving, and begin to thrive—and play seems like a big part of that. Each week on Family List, you can try new books to read or animations to watch; make cardboard cities or the best paper planes in the world; play fun games over Zoom (or in person!) or take a soccer challenge. We’d love for you to check it out for a free two-week trial ( and let us know what you think! 

Last week on Family List, we had great books to read, a fun A-Z game to play anywhere, an amazing plane to build, and a real soccer challenge! More to come this week!

Family List subscription is $1.99 a month—less than one fancy coffee (not that you should forgo your caffeine!).

We hope you’ll consider subscribing or sharing with friends and family with kids! We thrive on word of mouth—we really appreciate your support!