Contested City reviewed in Planning Perspectives: A book about power

🔥🌟Contested City continues to resonate, and recent reviews have been tremendous. For a start, in her incredible review in Planning Perspectives, Boston’s Chief of Equity Karilyn Crockett really gets Contested City. A few excerpts below–and you can read the whole review here.🔥🌟

“This is a book about power and how to fight for it within neighborhoods under economic siege.”

“Groundbreaking work. Bendiner-Viani combines art and public history to teach city observers, residents, and planners new methods to rebuild old places.”

“For Bendiner-Viani, social history—in the hands of students and residents—can be deployed as a productive tool for community mobilization. But she doesn’t merely assert this ambitious claim, she also shows us how to get there.”

“This battle is not over, and Bendiner-Viani wants us to pay attention before it’s too late.”

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