Keep Me Nearby

Keep Me Nearby, an exhibition as a new space for dialogue and a people’s history of the LES.

Contested City

“Contested City: Art & Public History as Mediation at New York’s Seward Park Urban Renewal Area” bridges art, design, activism, and urban history.

Working with People

A critical pedagogy & participatory media project to facilitate dialogue on civic engagement and community-based practices.

Triangle Fire Open Archive

Using the digital humanities to create a collaborative, humane and online space to tell of the Triangle Fire’s importance today

Triangle Fire Open Museum

The Open Museum shows real and replica objects from the Open Archive in locations across the city that critically connect to issues of immigrant, women’s and labor rights.

Intersection | Jamaica

An imagined geography woven from the answers of residents of Jamaica, Queens to “Where would you take me on a guided tour?”

Policy and Design for Housing

A retrospective exhibition & website exploring histories, models and ideologies to learn from in today’s housing crisis