Strategic Services

We help organizations hone their missions, imbue strategy with core values, support growth, and engage communities.

Buscada’s strategy services provide mission-driven organizations with co-designed tools for values-based decision-making that every member of the organization feels invested in.

Our backgrounds as designers, teachers, and community collaborators enable us to bring transformative facilitation and critical thinking to strategic work. We create spaces for members of organizations to be themselves and listen to others, fostering productive dialogues that otherwise couldn’t happen.

Read on about our strategic modules, or download this pdf.

Buscada is brilliant at gathering stakeholders and has synthesized our many activities into a coherent tool that helps clarify who we are and where we're going.
Cathy Linh Che
Executive Director, Kundiman
Thank you, Gabrielle & Kaushik,
for being our guides, collaborators, instigators, questioners, and so much more!
Kemi Ilesanmi
Executive Director, The Laundromat Project

Working with People | Core Values workshops
These people-centered workshops help organizations define their core values—like community or engagement—and strengthen their capacity for collaboration, rooted in principles of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

How might we…? | Decision-making tool
This iterative series of workshops builds an actionable strategic framework linking an organization’s vision, mission, and programming, driven by the essential question, “how might we enact our vision?”

Growth | Supporting people
Our Growth workshops provide frameworks to identify skills and skill gaps across the organization, co-creating plans to help current staff members grow and to shape strategies for new hiring.

Near-term planning
Using the co-created strategic frameworks to make concrete near-term plans that fulfill organizational strategies, mission, and vision (and to respond to future change in mission-aligned ways).

A sampling of work

Asian American Writers Workshop strategic planning process

An actionable strategic plan for a  literary organization that cultivates a community of Asian American writers and projects a radical inclusivity of both who is a writer and who is Asian.

Arts Networks & Peer Learning

Strategic realignment work with FABnyc about how learning spaces and peer networks help sustain the arts through challenging times

The Laundromat Project Strategic Plan

A new strategic plan for a POC-centered organization that advances artists and neighbors as change agents in their communities.

Working with People

One of our tools for facilitating dialogue on the core values and keywords of community-based practice.  

Changing Cities

Telling an organization's story in public: an exhibition exploring histories of planning through MIT’s School of Architecture + Planning.