We provide services to help organizations hone their mission, improve work culture, and engage communities.


What are your core values and strategies to achieve your mission?

Organizations looking to plan strategically around their core values engage Buscada in our Mission services. 

Our Working with People (WWP) workshops help organizations grapple with the multiple meanings of keywords such as “community” and “collaboration,” creating new space for staff members to have deeper conversations about core values.

Our strategic How Might We…? workshops often follow our WWP workshops to help organizations identify actionable frameworks of goals, strategies, and tactics that fulfill their missions and are grounded in core values.

The combination of these two services forms the foundation of a participatory and flexible strategic plan.


How can you build equitable partnerships and solidarity to support community dialogue?

Organizations seeking to build equitable collaborations with local communities engage Buscada’s Community services, which use art, culture, and public history to create spaces for dialogue.

Our Intersection projects are grounded in oral histories, participatory photography, and embodied experiences to guide people in talking about the challenges, meanings, and vital importance of place.

Our Open Archives projects help communities build collections that tell nuanced stories about collective histories.

We also run Working with People sessions that create brave spaces for organizations and collaborators to discuss difference and build equitable foundations for collaborations.

Work Culture

What work culture will support your people, your most precious resource?

Organizations in moments of growth or rethinking, or as part of a strategic planning process with Buscada, often use our Work Culture services to help transform their workplaces to best achieve their missions.

Our 40 Hours service helps organizations track and understand how much of their time is spent moving their mission forward, guiding organizations to prioritize how they use their time.

Our Growth service provides organizations with frameworks that identify skills and skill gaps across the organization, co-creating plans to help staff members grow and shaping strategies for new hiring.