AAWW, Asian American Writers Workshop : Strategic Planning

An actionable strategic plan for a  literary organization that cultivates a community of Asian American writers and projects a radical inclusivity of both who is a writer and who is Asian. 

Buscada facilitated a participatory and values-driven strategic planning process for the Asian American Writers Workshop AAWW, an organization that amplifies Asian American literary culture to mobilize for a more just future. 

The engagement began with our “Working with People” workshops to help AAWW  build shared language and core values. Rooted in values of community, accountability, and equity, Buscada next helped AAWW articulate what it does, who their work is for, and what value it brings. We helped AAWW redefine its vision and mission goals, and identify strategic approaches and tactical tools. 

This iterative, participatory work resulted in a co-designed decision-making tool (above) that transforms AAWW’s concepts and values into action. This tool ensures that all decisions large and small are rooted in the organization’s core values and strategic priorities. 

The final report includes definitions of vision, mission, values, strategies, and tactics, as well as metrics, a two-year plan, a plan for AAWW growth, and future planning worksheets.

After rapid growth, a leadership transition, and the global pandemic, this process helped AAWW think strategically about its future and the way it lives in hyperlocal, global, digital, physical, and printed spaces.

Conducted virtually in the midst of the pandemic, with a staff spread across the country, the process was deeply participatory, engaged and iterative.