The America Project

Civic engagement, pedagogy, critical thinking, and art practice

Our publication, “The America Project: A Teaching Method for Collaboration, Creativity, and Citizenship” was created in collaboration with MAPP International Productions to carry on poet Sekou Sundiata’s work to combine teaching, making art, and the development of work in the public realm. 

We edited and designed the book’s texts and approachable visualizations in a way that conveys abstract ideas in a usable manner, and allows specific examples of pedagogy to be reinterpreted by other educators and artists doing this work. 

A method for integrating teaching, making art, and development of work in the public realm.

The America Project: Curriculum guidebook

Acting as pedagogical advisor, editor, and designer, we collaborated to create a publication that includes a curriculum guide, a critical essay on Sundiata’s “the 51st (dream) state” by Julie Ellison, as well as two films, a documentary on Sundiata’s work and a film of his performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The collaboration package also included an online component designed by Buscada, inviting the audience to share their processes and experience of using the teaching tool with a wider community of people.

The America Project: Curriculum guidebook. DVD and Audio CD